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I’ve had enough of this. You were the one who decided to crawl into my life so I won’t force you to stay.

I tried stepping away but you came running back at me.

Cried for little help.

Asking me this and that. I had fun and I was glad but now not anymore.

I guess I was just a help button on the board which only works when trouble comes.

After it’s all gone, and that’s it. You were away.

Claiming I was the one, the one started everything. I kept my distance.

It was all for a reason. I refuse to get hurt anymore.

Maybe you’re hurting because of me and so I should stop hurting you. I’ll be gone for good.

Please, stop coming to me ever again or else you’ll get hurt because of me. 


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Stop acting so innocent, you disgust me.

You act so mighty and proud but you know,

you got other people around you laughing at you with that attitude of yours.

As well as your-so-called-matured behavior.

Can’t help but felt sorry for you.


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Being hated,

doesn’t always mean that you did anything wrong.

Being hated,

it doesn’t really mean that people hated you,

Being hated,

it doesn’t mean that you have to give a damn about it.

They didn’t even realize how dishonest they really are about other people and most importantly their own self.

Haters don’t really hate you. In fact, they hate themselves because you’re a relfection of what they wished to be.


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I don’t really know what to write here right at this moment. It’s raining and I love the weather. It calms me as it soothes my heart every time each little raindrop touches the ground keeping all the other sounds away. The sound of it is enough to be my little soothing music. You know how relaxing it can be everytime it rains. It’s cold on the outside but at the same time your heart, it kinda gives you some sort of warm feelings to it. Have you ever close your eyes just to hear the sound of the rain. Can you feel it? The feelings which only you understand.


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I guess it’s still not enough. The knowledge which I have regarding blogs. Yes, I knew it from the very beginning that I still don’t know much about it. About the world of blogging but still, I choose to do so. Even if it has already been years. Why didn’t I come across of WordPress from the very beginning? A lot of trouble arises from that one simple thought and thinkings. Up until now, there’s a bunch of problems which remained unsolved.


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From that attitude

I can see myself

my old self who was struggling to cope with the reality of the world.

I couldn’t help but felt so stupid.

oh well, it was a part of learning process.

Someday they’ll realize it.

sooner or later they will.

We all went through the same process.

I myself too will

be going through another process

which gonna take a lot more courage, dedication, and hard work.

There is still a long way to go.

No one is sure about what’s coming tomorrow.

But then tomorrow will still come.

Life is sometimes cruel but that is what it takes to live.